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Big Hero 6 (No Spoilers)

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One of Disney's best work, Big Hero 6, a fun-filled family film, featuring six friends who when they work together can "Take on the World." Fall in love with Disney's newest and lovable characters, especially with Baymax, an Adorably cute squishy and huggable robot, that the whole family will love! This film is not only humorous but it has already been extremely successful and has already reached the number one film in America! The film will be later showing in the UK, in January 2015, however, I was lucky enough to be invited and got the chance to go to the premiere of the film, before it releases in cinemas in 2015!   

The film is set in a fictional world, in a place called SanFransokyo.This is very interesting because Disney have combined the active vitality of San Francisco and the fun and liveliness of Tokyo to create the wonderful setting for our favourite six heroes to live! I feel that the film implements the exciting qualities of both places in order to create a unique blend of culture and architecture of these two very successful countries. 
What I find so awesome about this film is that, it is suitable for all ages and I would truly recommend it for everyone, and that's what makes it such an enjoyable family film! Humorous, Emotional, Thrilling and Adventurous, Big Hero 6 is all of these qualities and more! 
This Film is very cute and happy, and after watching it, it really makes you want to go out there and invent new things and consider new possibilities of saving the world. Its a feel good Disney film and relentlessly throughout the film expresses the concept that anyone can help the world be a better place, whoever they are. 

Not only this, Big Hero 6 features the new song by Fall Out Boy called "Immortal." The Song  really fits with the tone and atmosphere of the movie very well! It is also very catchy and for me personally the movie has had me singing this song for weeks! It also fits in with the theme of the film that when they work together they can achieve anything! 

Click on the Video above to listen to the song "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy.

My Favourite Line: "Hairy Baby"

    My Favourite Character:

    Watch the Trailer for Disney's Big Hero 6 and Let me know what you think of it in the comments below and if you have any suggestions or requests of any movies you would like me to review, please be free to let me know! :)

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