Saturday, 25 October 2014

Holidays Once Again! :P

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Halfterm Holidays are the best! But sometimes it can be hard deciding what the best way is to spend them, I mean you only have a week, and you want to make the most of your holidays, right? But every holiday, the time tends to just past by so quickly, while you stare at the clock, in amazement, and all of a sudden it's Monday morning again and you have to crawl yourself out of your bed and into your uncomfortable school uniform and get ready for another school day, right? That's how it pretty much goes every year, isn't it?  Well no worries, because I am going to show you with 3 easy steps exactly how you can plan each day out with fun filled activities and still complete all your busy homework assignments! :D 

Step 1) Grab a pen & paper and start jotting down ideas!

Write down all the things you want to achieve this holidays, (e.g Go to Thorpe Park, Create a Doodle Journal, etc.) 

I have also done separate posts on things to do in the holidays, if your stuck for ideas!:
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Then once you have written everything you want to do choose the most important ones for you to achieve, circle 7! Prioritizing your goals helps you to decide which of these goals are the most important to you and which ones I need to this holidays. Remember it's okay if you don't get everything on your list done, because you can always complete them next holidays too!

Top Tip: It's better to complete 2 or 3 of the things on you list to a really high standard then to do all of them, really rushed! Remember it's Quality not Quantity! (Try and eliminate any thing that is not very practical or you now you won't be able to do them this holiday!) 

Step 2) Make a Rough Plan

Using this list, insert the 7 circled tasks on a mini timetable or calender, you can make it as simple or as detailed as you like, as long as it's clear what you want to do on each day! Try to aim for one activity a day, but if you achieve it really quickly you can always add more! Get Creative, make it colourful and appealing because if you going to be looking at it for the whole holiday, it might as well look good too! This doesn't mean it has so colourful, you can't even read it, just make sure it is clear, use simple colours that are not to bright, written in neat handwriting and is very easy to follow! 

Top Tip: You might want to hang it on the wall, or on a noticeboard (Somewhere where it is very visible and you can access it really easily! :)

Step 3) Follow your plan!

Yes, I know this one sounds a bit silly, but we all get lazy so try your best to follow your plan, because after achieving everything on your list, you will feel much better and that you got something done in the holidays! So next time when your teacher asks "What did you do in your Holidays?" You won't have to lie, or hesitate about what to say, because you spent your holidays enjoying yourself, 
because after all the exams and stress, You Deserved it! :) 

And Sincerely I love you dearly, Oh but I'm clearly Destined to Wonder! :) 


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