Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Lego Movie Review

Posted by Shaheena Uddin at 04:10

The Lego Movie is fantastic! I absolutely loved it! A tale of a Lego construction worker, Emit a pretty average guy is recruited to be "The Special" and voyage on a journey to defeat Mr president from controlling everyone! It is a very fast pace movie and you will be hooked as soon as your in! Although it is not a musical, it does contain some extremely addictive songs that you won't be able to stop singing for days! In this movie they really like to pay attention to every little detail, and that's what makes it so great! 

There are range of characters in this film including: Lego Batman, Lego Superman, Lego Abraham Lincoln, Lego Cleopatra, Lego Flash, Lego Robin Hood, Lego Gandalf, Lego Green Lantern, Lego Green Ninja (Ninjago), Lego Michelangelo, Lego Statue of Liberty, Lego Wonderwoman, Lego William Shakespeare, Lego Professor Dumbledore, Lego Medusa, Lego C-3PO, Lego Han Solo, Lego Lando Calrissian, Lego Chewbacca,  Lego Millhouse, and so much more, so be sure to spot them when you next watch the movie! If you haven't yet seen this Lego Animated film, Go and watch it now!!

Favourite Song: Everything is Awesome!

Favourite Character: Unikitty

And Sincerely, I love you dearly Oh but I'm Clearly Destined to Wonder! :)


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