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Book Review: Holes

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Book Review:  Holes - By Louis Sachar 

This book is an exciting thriller, taking you on a lost journey in the blistering hot desert; an easy prey to a yellow spotted lizard. “It’s funny how scientists name the lizard by its spots, because if your close enough to see the spots, you would probably be dead.” Stanley Yelnats is an ordinary boy, with just plenty of bad luck. He was sent to Camp Green Lake (which surprisingly has no lake.) where he would have to dig a holes, and each day he would be left digging more and more Holes, but at Camp Green Lake, you never know who you can trust. But why how did end up there? And why are Stanley and his family just so unlucky? Find out in this book, which will grip all young readers; you won’t want to put this book down, as turning each page will lead you to discovering a new mystery.

My favourite character is definitely Zero, he never talks, not a single word. I felt sorry for him, but was eager to know his story. Throughout every chapter astonishing surprises are revealed and there is a moral to the story that will never be forgotten.  

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